Earlier this week I announced that I was finally converting Records Management Girl from Sole trader to Limited. I’ve chosen to keep the same name but just add Ltd to the end. Going Ltd for me is a bold move. It feels like it’s signifying a point almost like it’s just got real. There’s still loads to do on that front like banking, accounts, insurance and so on, but it’ll come.  Just gotta get on that there Companies House before I can do anything else.

Meanwhile, another LTD that is happening; in the last week, I’ve agreed to take up a partnership with LTD, Leadership Through Data. A new startup training company run by Jacqueline Stockwell. I’m very excited that Jacqueline reached out to me to take up leading their records management modules.

The public courses will start in the new year, of which there are two classroom lead courses that are currently live on the website:

Click the links to see them on the LTD website but don’t forget to scroll up and down to see what other courses you can book on. 

We have dates booked for London, Manchester, and Cardiff.   Not currently offering Scotland for the records management courses due to the differing legislation but never say never!  If the courses prove popular there’s always the option for other locations but for now, sticking to England and Wales. If you have a location that you’d like to see me training in, then please do let us know on info@leadershipthroughdata.co.uk 

There are more training courses that I will be doing as we move forward but the above Records Management courses will be my core ones for now.  I’ve been repeatedly asked why I don’t do training and so here we are! Please raise a glass or mug to my new adventure. It’s gonna be a ball. I hope to see you booked on my courses soon.

New Partnership: Training with Leadership Through Data.
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