A few weeks back I had the great opportunity to be on a star-studded podcast line up with the lovely Mike Gillespie on the Advent IM Podcast. Chatting with me were Rowenna Fielding and Sarah Clarke.

The topic of the podcast was Records Management, Infosec, Privacy and Data Protection.   My favourite subjects all wrapped into one.

Mike, Ellie, Rowenna and Sarah came down to my North West London flat and we all gathered on the massive RMGirl HQ sofa with a very enthusiastic RMDog in the background. Mike had to keep moving RMDog away from the microphone, so if you hear any dodgy noises, it’s totally Mike not RMDog – honest!

Have a listen for yourself and leave a comment.

Podcast: On the Record(s) – , Records Management, Infosec, Privacy and Data Protection

We’re hoping to meet back up again to speak on more focussed topics so if there is anything you’d like to hear us talk about, then let us know.

Otherwise, I’m also looking at starting my own podcast –  I have all the equipment and software, I just need to blinkin’ do it!   Watch this space.


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Advent IM Podcast: RM, Infosec, Privacy & Data Protection.
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