As previously talked about I have a partnership with Leadership Through Data.
I am their trainer for 5 of their courses now.  See below the dates that you might be interested in booking on if you are looking for me as your chosen trainer.
  • London 22nd Jan
  • Manchester 25th Mar
  • London 23rd Jan
  • Manchester 26th Mar
  • Cardiff 13th Feb
  • Manchester 26th Feb
  • London 18th Mar
  • London 12th Mar
  • London 6th Feb
  • Manchester 5th Mar
They are running other courses during this time but these are the ones that I am allocated to during Jan, Feb and Mar of 2020. Follow the link on each course name to learn more about the course agendas.
Look forward to you joining me on a course through LTD soon.
Early 2020 Training Dates
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