Useful websites:

Information Commissioner’s Website

FOI Directory – Find the email address for an org to submit an FOI request

Information Rights and Wrongs – The blog of the Chairman of NADPO and Data Protection Nerd, Jon Baines.


IRMS London Networking Group – (RMGirl is the Group Chair)

Visual Print and Design – Designers of the RMGirl Logo & Printers of Business Cards – cheap low cost but high-quality design and print.

Published Resources:

Fundraising and Data Protection (Guide) -This is a guide for charity and other fundraisers about the issues associated with using personal data in fundraising, marketing and similar activities. Written by the renowned Tim Turner.

Data Protection Officer (Guide) – How to pick the right one and not get ripped off by cowboys – Another marvel from Tim Turner.

Introduction to Metadata: Third Edition (Book)

Handbook on European data protection law – 2018 edition  (Book)

Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action (Book)

Published Retention Schedules:

NHS Records Management Code of Practice 2016 (RMGirl is an author)  – Currently under review

IRMS Schools Toolkit V6 2019

IRMS Academies Toolkit V1 2o19

Kent County Council Retention Schedule (Authored by the lovely Elizabeth Barber, who constructs the IRMS Schools Toolkit!)

Iron Mountain’s 2013 Retention Schedule Guide for Germany


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