Advertising on Records Management Girl

We’re selective about advertising on RMGirl and the endorsements we give. We pride ourselves on not publishing generic adverts and on privacy by design.

On-site advertisements

Our standard advertising package costs  £300 ($350 / €330) for a 3-month period. This includes an on-site advertisement, sponsored tweets, and inclusion in a relevant and timely blog post. Your advertisement must be connected with the information governance and records management industry. This includes information security, ECM, GDPR, EDRMS, books and software.

A standard advertisement is for the home page only. For premium advertisement featured on the home page and all sidebars through please add £100 ($150 / €150).

Discounts are available for longer bookings of six months or more. If your organisation supports professionals in the information field  (an example is if you sponsor a professional to attend the IRMS Conference or sponsor an industry event) we will extend your package by one month at no additional charge (subject to availability).

All advertisements will be marked as ‘sponsored’ and will be a ‘nofollow’ link, as per ASA and Google rules.  You can either provide images and copy,  or we can refer you to our design house Visual Print and Design. Their design costs start at £40 per hour and you will be responsible for paying these separately.

This is a square box the size used on this site for advertising and says "Hello, I'm an advert 300 x 250)


I offer a review service and can share my feedback with industry peers.  To provide the review, I will need free access to the item or service in question e.g. a physical book or a licence. You will then receive a link to a fully SEO optimised blog post on my site.  I will also share the link from my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts a minimum of three times per site.  My hourly rate for reviews and feedback starts at £95.

No Affiliation

I operate on privacy by design, so I will not direct my readers to affiliated links and therefore  I do not earn money in this way. I use Matomo as my analytics site. Matamo is a paid-for service to ensure the rights and freedoms of my readers are not a currency.

Sponsored advertising posts

I don’t accept sponsored editorial posts from organisations. However, I do promote sponsored products in various posts. I will only advertise these products if I feel they will benefit my audience. The price per individual posts is negotiable and is dependent on your requirements.

Buy Me A Virtual Coffee

You don’t need to advertise on my website to support me, you can also buy me a virtual coffee here! It’s a small amount of money, and it will go to supporting RMGirl as a small business.  You don’t get anything in return other than my smiles and appreciation.

Press / Reviews

If you have a new product, concept, or press idea that you would like to share, please feel free to contact me at

If you’d like to see more work from by RMGirl please see my blog here.

Contact if you are interested in advertising on Records Management Girl (RMGirl).