Welcome to Records Management Girl

Records Management Girl (RMGirl) is here to spread her love of Records Management (RM) and Information!

RM is the effective control, governance and use of information. Therefore, good RM will assist with business decision making at all levels of your organisation.

RM facilitates compliance, together with cost and efficiency gains. In addition, it organises information and transforms it into an asset.  RMGirl will help you to recognise the value of your information. She will also help you to automate processes and, moreover, to identify and mitigate risks.

What can RMGirl help you with?

  • Going ‘paperless’ and reducing your storage requirements.
  • Back scanning of records, ensuring integrity.  In addition, helping you to conform with BS10008:2014 (legal admissibility and evidential weight of records).
  • Advising on retention periods for records.
  • Transferring records to a place of deposit or archive for preservation.
  • Offsite storage tendering processes and contracts.
  • Designing storage layouts for best use of space on-site, in addition to PD5454 compliance.
  • O365 & SharePoint set-up.  We help you to store your information in an easy to use and efficient manner.
  • Systems training for end-users from the ‘tech-phobic’ to the ‘tech-mature’. We make sure they’re comfortable with your software.
  • Compliance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 (UK).
  • Designing and implementing business policies for your business.
  • Information risk and heat maps,  including mitigation.
  • Information asset audits, and determining the information asset owners and coordinators within your business.
  • Handling sensitive data. This includes commercial, legal advice, personal data, management and policy data.
  • and more!

Why do you need us?

RMGirl will save you time and, above all, money!

If you’d like to know more, we’d be delighted to have an informal chat.  To discuss your project, please get in contact, we’d love to hear from you.

Learn more about RMGirl and her experience in the about RMGirl section.