Records Management (RM) is not just about filing! RM is concerned with the effective control, governance and use of information and records. Good RM assists business delivery and decision making at all levels of an organisation as well as facilitating both compliance and cost and efficiency gains. Good RM organises the information it creates and transforms it into a corporate asset by ensuring that its value is recognised, its information processes are automated and that all relevant risks are identified, mitigated and managed.

RMGirl Consulting can help you with your records management from;

  • business transformation including paperless office and accommodation/storage reduction,
  • back scanning of records and BS10008:2014
  • assessment of records and their retention
  • transfer to place of deposit for historical preservation
  • offsite storage tendering and/or contracts
  • storage layouts and achieving maximum space on site in a PD5454 compliant room
  • information architecture of your EDRMS including O365 & SharePoint Online
  • training end users from the ‘tech-phobic’ to the ‘tech-mature’.
  • stand in your board room and explain why Records Management can be a business change for the better
  • get to the root cause of your fundamental issues and even help you towards our compliance with GDPR!
  • policy change, build and implementation
  • information risk and heat maps including mitigation
  • information asset audits, management and determining who should be the person with responsibility for the assets (Information Asset Owners and coordinators)
  • handling of sensitive data including commercial, legal advice, personal data, management data and policy data (RMGirl is secret cleared by the UK FCO until November 2020)
  • mentoring and/or coaching in various topics and skills e.g. presentation and interview techniques
  • and more!

RMGirl will save you time and money and freeing your staff to look after your organisation and serve your customers, stakeholders or patients. To learn more about RMGirl and her experience see the about RMGirl section – want to know more? We can arrange an informal conference call and project scope… get in contact, I’d love to hear from you.


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