RMGirl Consulting is a project based consultancy, rather than bringing someone in for months at a time,  a project with deliverables can be mapped out.  The job is not done until you’re satisfied and so I aim to provide you with what you when you want it with a deep understanding of industry best practices, standards and compliance in various organisations.

Various types of consultancy can be provided whether that be:

  • business transformation including paperless office and accommodation/storage reduction,
  • auditing data protection compliance
  • drafting and building of policies, procedures, and reports
  • developing file plans and retention schedules
  • auditing information or records management practices
  • bespoke, out of the box training solutions for senior management or end users whether it be 121, group, e-learning or informational.
  • back scanning of records and BS10008:2014 (advice or auditing)
  • assessment of records and their retention
  • transfer to the place of deposit for historical preservation
  • offsite storage tendering and/or contracts
  • storage layouts and achieving maximum space on site in a PD5454 compliant room
  • information architecture of your EDRMS including O365 & SharePoint Online
  • training end users from the ‘tech-phobic’ to the ‘tech-mature’.
  • stand in your boardroom and explain why Records Management can be a business change for the better
  • get to the root cause of your fundamental issues and even help you towards our compliance with GDPR!
  • policy change and implementation
  • information risk and heat maps including mitigation
  • information asset audits, management and determining who should be the person with responsibility for the assets (Information Asset Owners and coordinators)
  • handling of sensitive data including commercial, legal advice, personal data, management data and policy data
  • External advisor and/or Expert witness for records management related investigations/ court cases
  • mentoring and/or coaching in various topics and skills e.g. presentation and interview techniques

If you can’t see what you need above, then please do contact me.  If it’s related to information and records,  RMGirl Consulting will be able to help even if it’s bringing in partners to assist or if you wish to know more please contact me.

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