Information for you about why and how your personal data is processed by Records Management Girl Ltd [RMGirl]


When we say RMGirl, we mean Records Management Girl Ltd as registered on companies house. Records Management Girl was founded as a sole trader in May 2015 but was made into a limited company in 2018.

We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioners Office and our registration reference is: ZA839546. [reference for sole trader is now removed]

Our only business is to provide training, consultancy and bought items in the world of information. We don’t trade, swap, share or make money from personal data. This includes that we do not share information outside of RMGirl staff and any contractors who assist us complete an NDA. Data protection law gives you rights, and we want to make sure we’re doing right by you. If you have any questions, concerns or requests about your data, please do get in touch with us:

The sections below describe how your personal data is processed according to the relationship between you and RMGirl and how personal data is processed by us. If you think there is any info missing, unclear or incorrect then please so we can fix it.


If you’ve been contacted by RMGirl then it is likely to be a response to a question you’ve asked or to update on a current project that RMGirl is involved with.

If you have any concerns about this processing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

  • If you are a website visitor

This web server for this website and any data gathered and stored via the website is stored in United Kingdom via

RMGirl does not use google analytics for this website, RMGirl uses Matomo for website analytics. This is a website analytics company of which privacy by design is used at the forefront of everything it does meaning you cannot be identified from the data collected.

For information on the cookies element of this website please visit here.

  • If you are part of the Tribe Newsletter Mailing List

We have a mailing list which is powered by Mail Jet.  You can find their privacy notice here.  By signing up to the mailing list, then you can expect that you will receive a maximum of 1 per month email newsletters containing information about services,  blogs or things that may be of interest.

If you sign up to the mailing list via the Infinity Sticker web form then this is the same process, if you do not tick the box, you will not be added to our mailing list.

  • If you are a client of Records Management Girl

We may use your logo for our Logo Carousel on our front web page, but your logo will not be displayed without your explicit consent.

All engagements with RMGirl will be under an NDA and standard terms and conditions as part of our contract. No personal data belonging to you or your organisation will be shared unless explicit consent is given which is exempt from the NDA.

Your data will not be passed to any other data controllers or individuals, and it will not be retained after any work is completed and any invoices are paid unless you consent to do so, or RMGirl Consulting has a legal obligation to retain the data. This is likely to involve your name to be retained for seven years for tax purposes if your name features on any invoices or purchase orders. Emails and other correspondence are purged after one year.

  • If you have attended a webinar

We use Go To Webinar for live Webinar services.  The personal data by RMGirl will only be used for arrangement payment and delivery of the webinar. Please ensure you read Go to Webinar’s privacy notice prior to buying a webinar ticket.  If you do not wish to use Go To Webinar, we can arrange a recording of the webinar to be made available after the event that you can watch via RMGirl Membership Area.

  • If you have bought something from the RMGirl shop

We use an add on called Woo Commerce outside of the personal data needed to accept your payment and deliver your item, your data will not be used and will be regularly purged from the system.  The minimum will only be kept as per retention requirements for my legal obligation to report tax owed to HMRC.

  • If you have won a competition

We mostly arrange all of our competitions for the prize to be delivered to RMGirl HQ but if it’s easier to input your details online, we will seek your consent to do so first. If you would prefer for us to use our details, you will not be punished for doing so. You will still receive your prize.

  • If you have requested an Infinity Sticker

If you provide your land mail address for the Infinity Sticker, this will only be used to send you an Infinity Sticker and will be deleted once your sticker has been mailed out.

  • If you contact Records Management Girl via Email

If you do contact RMGirl Consulting, you will not be added to any mailing lists unless you actively consent to do so via the subscribe function.

Storage Location

Both business data and website is stored in the UK and is back up by Apple iCloud in the UK.

Your rights

  • a right of access to your data
  • a right to rectify any personal data held by RMGirl
  • a right to erase any personal data that RMGirl no longer has a legitimate purpose to process
  • a right of access to a machine-readable version of your data, as long as you have provided it or RMGirl has observed it via your use of a service. This is legally only applicable to data provided with your consent or under a contract, but we will endeavour to give you a portable version of any of your data should time and technology allow it.
  • a right to stop RMGirl from processing any of your data that it does not have a legal or contractual obligation to process
  • a right to prevent any wholly automated decisions involving your data – but rest assured, RMGirl does not use wholly automated decision-making techniques

To exercise any of these rights, please contact

Data Protection Officer

RMGirl does do not meet the GDPR requirement to appoint a Data Protection Officer but any requests will be dealt with by someone who has extensive data protection experience and is not Emily to ensure any conflict of interest is reduced.


If by contacting RMGirl, you have not resolved your issue and you still have concerns about RMGirl handling of your personal data, contact the Information Commissioner. On contacting the ICO, please use the registration ID as listed above at the beginning of this notice. See how to contact them via their website: