I am truly a very lucky individual. Over my career, I have had the privilege of talking to some wonderful people.  However, appearing on the AWARD WINNING Human Factor Podcast has been a real highlight!

I appeared on one of the first podcasts after the Human Factor won “Best European Security Podcast” at the 2018 European Security Blogger Awards.  These awards were held in London on the 5th June 2018.   I first met Jenny Radcliffe at a NADPO Event and she’s the nuts when it comes to creeping you out with her stories. I could listen to talk her for hours about her experiences. The fact that she asked me to appear on the podcast blows my mind.   I’ll never understand why people find me interesting to talk to but hey, I can’t complain.

Jenny was amazed by my experiences of wading through water and dealing with nasties.  I’m amazed that she’s totally cool with hanging off the side of a building!

Jenny cracks on about my style and dresses. I hate to break it to you, but I don’t make them myself. You can find a lot of the dresses I wear on sites such as Lady V London and Hell Bunny If you’d like some more dress inspiration, follow the hashtag I’ve created on Twitter #RMGirlDressWatch.  t

You can find my awesome interview with the lovely Jenny Radcliffe here.  Please give it some love and share it, as it would mean a lot.

If you want to learn more about Jenny and social engineering, you can find out more about the topic on her website.

If you want to learn more about working in Records Management then please get in touch.  You can also find the link to the Information and Records Management Society here.

Human Factor Podcast – Episode 60
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