UPDATED: Easy Compliance for Data Protection Guide v2.0

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Easy Compliance for Data Protection


V1.0 Published September 2020

V2.o Published October 2022 – major updates are shown below but all areas have had a phrasing change to move away from the freelancer-only text.

Contents v2.0

  • About The Author UPDATED
  • Introduction
  • Do I need to register as a Data Controller?
  • Am I a Data Processor?
  • Exemptions
  • Do I need a Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)?
  • Do I need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?
  • Do I need a privacy notice?
  • Do I need a cookie notice on my website?
  • Do I need consent to send people marketing emails?
  • What is DP By Design?
  • What is a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)?
  • What do I need to do with Individual Rights?
  • Are the EU-US Transfers issues affecting me? UPDATED
  • What about Brexit and My Business?  UPDATED
  • What are my actions for trying to be compliant?
  • “Now Available” and “In The Works” from RMGirl UPDATED
  • Appendices with Commentary
    • Article 6 – List of processing conditions for personal data
    • Article 9.1 – List of exemptions for processing special category data
    • Processing Conditions vs Individual Rights Table UPDATED
  • Copyright
  • Single User Licence Agreement & Acceptable Use

Please note that this guide will occasionally be updated to reflect any changes in regulations and best practices. If the guide is updated within three months of your purchase you will received the updated copy at no cost.

Read more about the guide here or read more about my business here.

UPDATED: Easy Compliance for Data Protection Guide v2.0

3 reviews for UPDATED: Easy Compliance for Data Protection Guide v2.0

  1. Claire Archibald

    I was so pleased to find this useful guide for freelancers- an accessible, comprehensive yet concise guide that is much needed. I often meet freelancers/small companies that offer services to my clients and many of them need specialised guidance. I try to give them a bit of free advice and then point them in the direction of the ICO website. However, I will now be telling them to purchase RM Girls Data Protection for Freelancers Guide. I bought a copy for myself as well, it’s already highlighted, flagged and well-thumbed!

  2. Liston Johnson (verified owner)

    This has proved indispensible to me, and has opened my eyes to the subject.

  3. Dave Smyth (verified owner)

    A great guide to data protection for anyone running a small business. Data protection is often viewed as a dry and complicated subject, but by framing the guide around practical questions (e.g. “do I need a cookie notice on my website?”), everything is tackled an engaging way. Highly recommended.

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