Easy Data Protection Compliance Guide *NEW*

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Easy Data Protection Compliance Guide

V1.0 Published September 2020

Also known as Data Protection for Freelancers – name change as not everyone identified as a freelancer and it’s applicable to all that are self-employed and sole traders.

Contents v1.0

  • About The Author
  • Introduction
  • Do I need to register as a Data Controller?
  • Am I a Data Processor?
  • Exemptions
  • Do I need a Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)?
  • Do I need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?
  • Do I need a privacy notice?
  • Do I need a cookie notice on my website?
  • Do I need consent to send people marketing emails?
  • What is DP By Design?
  • What is a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)?
  • What do I need to do with Individual Rights?
  • Are the EU-US Transfers issues affecting me?
  • What about Brexit and My Business?
  • What are my actions for trying to be compliant?
  • Coming Soon from RMGirl
  • Appendices with Commentary
    • Article 6 – List of processing conditions for personal data
    • Article 9.1 – List of exemptions for processing special category data
    • Processing Conditions vs Individual Rights Table
  • Copyright
  • Single User Licence Agreement & Acceptable Use

Version 2.0 is coming with an update on EU-US transfers, Brexit, risk management and the use of social media for selling.  Anyone who buys a v1.0 copy of this guide from 1st April 2021 will be entitled to a new copy of v2.0 for free upon publication.

Previous buyers prior to the 1st April will receive a 50% discount upon emailing emily@rmgirl.co.uk and confirming their buy.

Read more about the guide here or read more about my business here.

Easy Data Protection Compliance Guide *NEW*

2 reviews for Easy Data Protection Compliance Guide *NEW*

  1. Claire Archibald

    I was so pleased to find this useful guide for freelancers- an accessible, comprehensive yet concise guide that is much needed. I often meet freelancers/small companies that offer services to my clients and many of them need specialised guidance. I try to give them a bit of free advice and then point them in the direction of the ICO website. However, I will now be telling them to purchase RM Girls Data Protection for Freelancers Guide. I bought a copy for myself as well, it’s already highlighted, flagged and well-thumbed!

  2. Liston Johnson (verified owner)

    This has proved indispensible to me, and has opened my eyes to the subject.

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