You are cordially invited to join ‘The Storage Room’.

Discord Server - The Storage Room

I’ve created a Discord Server to gather all varying types of information that are out there to enable people to work smarter and better. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by everything pinging or filling your inbox or having to remember to visit a variety of places and potentially missing out on good stuff because of a silly algorithm.  You can unsubscribe from many things by being a member of this Discord Server. 

You are cordially invited to join ‘The Storage Room’ and join 150 other professionals who have already taken the plunge for free.

It covers Archives, Digi Pres, Records Management, Info Gov, Info Sec, Data Protection, FOI & PECR – you can access as many or as little as you want.  You can even put it all on mute. 

Join here (any problems with the link, just email me)

The channels within the server include:

Records Management:

  • – RM Jisc Listserv
  • – RM blog roll
  • – Office 365 RM blog roll
  • – IRMS feed
  • – BRA feed
  • – And more

Archives feeds include:

  • – JISC Listserve
  • – National Archives Feed
  • – Society of American Archivists Feed
  • – ARA Feed 
  • – and more.

Digital Preservation:

  • – DP Coalition feed
  • – Digi Press Events and Conferences
  • – Digi Pres Chat
  • – and more

Data Protection / GDPR / Info Rights/Info Gov: 

  • – DPO Daily feed
  • – EDPB feed
  • – GDPR hub feed
  • – Data Protection Jisc Feed
  • – Info Rights news
  • – UK regulator action
  • – Info rights blog roll, e.g. Jon Baines, Tim Turner, Amberhawk et al
  • – FOI feed
  • – And more.

Other: Discounts, Job Adverts (inc. DPO Daily Jobs feed), Social handles etc. 

It’s an ever-evolving server, always looking to put new ideas into it or improve it, but I needed to open the doors eventually! You can request more feeds to be added if you know of something with an RSS Feed that would make your life easier.   It’s not a particularly chatty server; it’s mostly run by RSS feeds and is not really a networking opportunity but more a resource for educational purposes and staying up to date.

It’s fully searchable, and you can access information that’s already gone by. 

I might have created it, but it’s not something that is attached to anything RMGirl per se.  I am not monetising it or using it to advertise my services; I’m a member like everyone else. I have no access to any personal data in the background. It’s also not affiliated with any sponsor, commercial entity or professional body. It’s solely for the greater good and putting what I can back into the profession. It’s free to use, but you’ll need to agree to Discord’s privacy notice to use it. All sectors are invited. It’s voluntary what data you put into Discord, and for the most part, no real names are used.  This is reflected in my own privacy notice here.

IMPORTANT: On entering the server, go to “roles-click-here-first” in the top left, and select categorise yourself in the server taxonomy by picking your key interest followed by other interests. Lastly, click the pride flag to open the general areas of the server. By selecting different interests, different parts of the server will open up. 

Go here:

Join here. (any problems with the link, just email me) 

Any questions, feel free to email me at  I hope you’ll join me there.

You’re cordially invited to join the Storage Room.