Cyber Warrior Princess Podcast – Episode 12

I had a really exciting time last week where I got the chance to join the Cyber Warrior Princess Podcasters. The Cyber Warrior Princess Podcast is created by Becky Pinkard and Dr Victoria Baines.Β  I sat down and talked with Becky Pinkard and Dr Victoria Baines on their podcast that has been going for 1 year about “Reducing the surface attack with Records Management” –Β  we didn’t actually work out this title until 3/4’s the way through because we were working out why I’m interested in Information Security.

The cyber podcast link

If you want to have a listen; you can find the podcast with Emily and the Cyber Princess Warrior team here.



Cyber Warrior Princess round logo - round with black background and green writing saying Cyber Warrior Princess around the edges in capitals. The is a green crown in the middle.

I had such a fun time with Bec and Vic that I want to do it all over again – guess that will have to wait for another day.

Let me know what you think about the podcast in the comments or via Twitter.

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Cyber WP – Episode 12

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