Reducing the attack surface with Records Management

In this webinar,  Emily Overton (RMGirl) is invited by Prof Danny Dresner to discuss Reducing the attack surface with Records Management.

Emily discusses what records management is and why it applies to Cyber Security but also how Records Management can help by using cybersecurity terms that are in fact Records Management techniques.

The Webinar

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Cyber Attack Sophistication

Cyber Attacks are commonly getting more sophisticated. The ways in which attack happen are coming thick and fast. Don’t think it will never happen to you. There are always many ways to protect your systems but most of the time, we have a limited budget. One of the main things you need to think about is how records management can help you.

Reducing the attack surface

Records Management fundamentals are:

  1. Knowing what you have
  2. Why you have it
  3. How long you need to keep it

So, knowing what you have on your systems can greatly enhance your security because if it doesn’t need to be on your systems, get rid of them.  If you don’t know why you have this information on your systems, find out. Don’t spend your budget on Redundant, Obsolete or Transient records and so timely disposition of unwanted material will thin down the surfaces you need to protect.

At the end of the day Records Management is about information and so information security and cybersecurity are the skill 0f protecting the data.

You can use Records Management for both electronic and physical security, you just need to apply it.

Have a watch of the video and leave me a comment below (on this website, not youtube) with your thoughts.

My thanks go to Professor Danny Dresner for inviting me to present to his students and the wider world.

Reducing the attack surface webinar was for the University of Manchester, this is their logo.

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Reducing the attack surface
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